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    Flex Hose (1/2") 15m w/o GARDENA



    Detailed description:

    The GARDENA Comfort FLEX hose with Power Grip profile guarantees the perfect connection between hose and hose connector. Thanks to the new technology, they interlock like gears. The Power Grip profile fulfills the wishes of many garden owners: a reliable connection with optimal grip. A positive side effect of the increased profile: The hose is easier to roll up and slides well. Thanks to the spiral fabric textile with two spirals that work in opposite directions, the hose is pressure resistant and dimensionally stable, but also flexible and easy to handle. Does not get tangled or twisted. These are the best conditions for comfortable and flexible use in your garden. If desired, can be systematically expanded with Original GARDENA System connectors and irrigation products. The hose is free from harmful plasticizers (phthalates) and heavy metals and is of course UV resistant. The thick walls make the hose particularly robust and durable. Burst pressure: 25 bar. Warranty: 20 years.


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