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    Hedge Clipper NatureCut FSC 100%



    Detailed description:

    Well-balanced all-round clippers that are prepared for everything

    A well-balanced all-round cutter that is equipped for everything, GARDENA's NatureCut is instantly recognisable by its two wooden handles. The handles are 100% FSC certified and radiate a rustic charm, which clearly distinguishes this popular model from other hedge shears. With the NatureCut you can be sure that the functionality is on par with the great design. The manufacturer's guarantee of 25 years is proof of a quality, long lasting product. The sharp, serrated blades make sure that each and every cut counts. This type of blade ensures that high performance is always achieved, even when cutting large areas. The ErgoTec technology designed wooden handles are round, symmetrical and ergonomically shaped - so the shears always rest comfortably in your hands when cutting. The soft buffer is particularly practical, offering great cushioning, low resistance and making your work easier. This enables you to work longer in the garden without getting tired - no matter if you are cutting a hedge, shrub or bush. Cutting branches is easier with the built-in branch cutter. Thanks to the working angle of 20°, the hands are always kept a safe distance from the hedge when working, preventing your hands getting scratched. NatureCut is a real all-rounder that always delivers great results.

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